Mobile Phone Repairs in Tamworth
Low cost mobile phone repairs in Tamworth
Our technicains in Tamworth can repair your mobile phone and have it sent back to you in less than a week
We can repair mobile phone brands and models including iPohne, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and all others

Mobile Phone Repairs Tamworth

Our mobile phone technicians in Tamworth can repair your phone in under a week and at a much lower cost than manufacturer. Our technicians can also carry out mobile phone unlocking.

Our courier service can collect your mobile phone from Tamworth and take it to one of our repair centres. We will then fix it and our couriers will deliver it back to you in Tamworth.

Just fill in your details below and a mobile phone technician in Tamworth will call you back with a FREE QUOTE almost straight away!*

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We do not offer mobile phone unlocking or water damage repairs in Tamworth.

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Recent Enquiries :

i dropped my phone in the toilet, its a nokia c7, i dried it with the hairdryer pretty much straight away and at first it appeared to e working although it appeared to recognise a non existant headset was attatched, it then switched off and will not switch back on again although when you press the power button it does vibrate like it usually does when you switch it on!! are you able to fix this and get it working again? also if you can fix it, are you able to do it without me losing all the photos i have stored on it? many thanks K : Kirstin - Inverness, Inverness-shire
Do you fix BB Bold 9000 it was not on your list? It is completely dead, bought refurbished online 7 weeks ago, now it wont charge, light up connect to a PC anything. The phone is totally dead : Sylvia - Glasgow, Glasgow

Tamworth Mobile Phone Repairs

This is the home of mobile phone repairs in Tamworth and across the UK. We repair all makes and model of phone from small mobile phones to the latest Smartphone?s with multiple functions. We also offer mobile phone unlocking in Tamworth on all brands and models.

These are some of the common faults with mobile phones our technicians in Tamworth deal with on a daily basis.

Damaged, cracked or smashed LCD screen
Touch screen not responding
Software faults
Speaker problems
Microphone problems
Memory storage issues
Damaged casing
Power and charging issues
Power button faults
General button faults
Camera issues
Bluetooth problems

The most common brands of phone we specialise in are Blackberry, HTC iPhone, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba. If you have any other brand of mobile phone our technicians in Tamworth can repair or unlock it.

All you need to do is fill in the form above and we will contact you back to discuss the fault with your mobile phone and give you a free estimated quote for repair. website is operated by permission from the domain name registrant.